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A Program Teaching Traditional Aikido Tailored for Children with Special Needs

O'Sensei’s enduring legacy was the creation of a peaceful martial art that was open to all. How beautiful it is to expand our curriculum to accommodate students with special needs.


I am immensely proud to announce our new program called Adaptive Aikido, which is six months in the making. Adaptive Aikido’s purpose is to best serve and assist school aged students with special needs. The program has been created by a group at the dojo that include three special education teachers, a psychology PhD candidate, and directors of ASNJ programs, as well as myself. 


Adaptive Aikido will keep the Japanese tradition of providing structure, discipline, and developing awareness of one's self and surroundings. The program will focus on connection, movement, and repetition based on the specific identified needs of each registered student. Each Adaptive Aikido class will provide opportunities for students to perform at their highest level while in the least restrictive environment. 


One major adaptation to this program is that each class will have additional instructors and junior instructors to ensure that students receive individualized support through multiple avenues. In addition, Adaptive Aikido classes will incorporate grabs, pins, and a breakdown of the techniques. To ensure that students are progressing through the class, progress reports and benchmarks will be provided at set intervals. The ultimate goal of Adaptive Aikido is to assist these students to comfortably and confidently practice in the general aikido program.


This course is limited to the first five, school-aged children at no additional cost.  We are asking parents to enroll their children prior to attending a class since there is a limit on the size as well as a need to properly prepare for each child and their specific needs. Weekly attendance is not mandatory, but it is strongly appreciated as the class size is limited.  All new members will be welcome to enroll their child into /adaptive Aikido until we reach ten students.


The class will be offered Mondays 6:00pm – 6:45 PM and will be ongoing. The registration form is attached – see link below to the Google form. 


If you have any thoughts, concerns or wish to discuss, do not hesitate to email or call us. 

Our experience at Aikido Schools of NJ in Roselle Park has been phenomenal. We participate in the adaptive program, and the instructors are kind, patient, and understanding. They have taken the time to learn my son’s interests and the best way to engage with him. Even though they make the accommodations of extra time and attention for my son, they hold him to the same standard as they would any other student.

When my son earned his first belt, no one was more proud than Sensei Jay. The staff celebrates our success as if we were family. I would recommend the Adaptive Aikido Program at ASNJ to anyone who is looking to have their child participate and connect in a group activity.

--Jessica Ward, Mother of Adaptive Aikido Student
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