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Home School Program


We are proud to offer a weekly class for Home School kid’s  and their Phys Ed requirements meeting Thursdays 1:00-2:00.

The 6-week program offers Aikido to school age home schooled children. 

The courses is  auto renewed until cancelled

Paul Burt, the instructor, is assisted by some of our  Jr. Deshi who are also home schooled.

The class is open to home schooled kids ages 6 – 16.


Class will focus on Aikido basics,  and partnering practices to accent the relationship aspects of Aikido. 


Students are welcome to test in accordance with USAF guidelines.


Students can wear T-shirts and sweats or purchase a gi.


Price is $40 per session for the first child for the entire 6 week session.  Any additional siblings are $20 per 6 week session. 

Now for the fine print

  • You must sign up for the entire 6 weeks

  • There are no refunds

  • Class is not open to kids enrolled in the general ASNJ program unless allowed by Sensei.

  • There is an annual insurance surcharge of $20 - Every person must pay the insurance surcharge.

  • And its a lot of fun.

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