Iaido Program
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Iaido is a traditional Japanese sword art that primarily focuses on kata. It teaches the proper way to draw, handle and return the sword to its saya. On a deeper level Iaido gives the practitioner a feeling of self-control and inner discipline. Practicing Iaido as a sword art goes back to the mid 1500’s.


Aikido has a connection to traditional Japanese sword. In fact, many hand-to-hand arts have a separate Iaido program in their schools for use of the sword.


Our group teaches Muso Shinden-ryu Iaido and the federation we belong to is the North American San Shin Kai.


We have classes three times a week. (Tuesday, Friday, & Sunday)

Iaido has no additional charge to members of the Aikido Program.

Student of Iaido program only:

Adults - $85/month

Kids 11-15 - $65/month

Iaido Instructors

Derrell Thomas

3rd Dan

Derrell is Director of the Iaido program and has been teaching for 15 years. Derrell has been a Iaido practitioner for nearly two decades since 2002. He and his family all practice Aikido or Iaido at ASNJ. He works in IT during the day and enjoys sharing his martial arts practice in his free time.


Callian Stokes

2nd Dan

Cal has been studying Iaido since 2007. He had practiced various martial arts in the past but now focuses on Iaido and enjoys helping new students find their way. When not practicing, Cal studies cyber security.


Alejandro Noda

1st Dan

Alex has been practicing since 2014. He is a longshoreman, husband, and father of two. His daughter practices Aikido here at ASNJ. Alex became interested in Iaido because of its discipline and meditative nature. He also enjoys the focus of the precision in each technique.