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Sensei Jay Tall

Chief Instructor,  2nd Dan

Sensei Jay Tall started his practice of Aikido in the early 1980s studying under Lehrman Shihan at Aikido of Park Slope. This was preceded by several years of deep and serious martial arts study and practice: Beginning at the age of 12, Jay practiced Tae Kwando and varsity gymnastics. He received his first Shodan as a teen.  During high school and college, Jay studied Karate, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Wrestling and Judo. In 1983, Jay began studying Tai Chi Chuan with Eric Schneider. Eric was a student, from age six, of both Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan under the tutelage of Lou Kleinsmith, one of the founding members of New York Aikikai and a direct student of Yamada Sensei, Koichi Tohei and the famous Tai Chi Chuan master Chen Man Ching. 

Originally from Brooklyn, Sensei Jay moved to New Jersey in 1999. In 2015, Lehrman Shihan and Sensei Jay became co-owners of ASNJ after Rick Stickles Shihan's untimely death (Longtime friends, Lehrman Shihan introduced Stickles Shihan to Aikido). In 2019, Lehrman Shihan reached out to Sensei Jay to become Dojo Cho and Chief Instructor in honor of Stickles Shihan's memory and to continue the growth of Stickles Shihan's life work. Sensei Jay's mission is for the dojo to flourish in its New Jersey neighborhood and the greater Aikido community at large.

Sensei Jay has added many programs to the dojo such as Adaptive Aikido, the Junior Deshi program, Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan classes and has expanded the schedule and events like the holloween class, the wheel of ukemi and Fun Days.

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