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iriminage aikdio throw

Adult Aikido classes are held seven days a week (see class schedule ).  Members enjoy unlimited practice privileges. All students may take any beginner or all levels class. Members are encouraged to take as many classes as they wish. Classes are usually one hour long and consist of a short warm-up and practicing techniques with a partner. Visitors are encouraged to come in, visit the facility, and watch a class. Any member or instructor will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. If possible, try to stop by when Sensei Jay or Shihan Lehrman are teaching or in the dojo. They'll be happy to meet with you!

Aikido training is mental as well as physical, emphasizing the ability to relax the mind and body even under the stress of dangerous situations. This is necessary to enable the practitioner to perform the 'enter-and-blend' movements that underlie aikido techniques, wherein an attack is met directly. Morihei Ueshiba once remarked that one "must be willing to receive 99% of an opponent's attack and stare death in the face" in order to execute techniques without hesitation. As a martial art concerned not only with fighting proficiency but with the betterment of daily life, this mental aspect is of key importance to aikido practitioners.

Aikido's movements are based on sword arts and the staff or Jo, and the hakama was the traditional attire of the samurai class.  We incorporate the practice of these weapons as well as the concept of their movements are the foundation of the structure of Aikido.


Promotion requirements follow the guidelines of the United States Aikido Federation, under the direction of Shihan Yoshimitsu Yamada.

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