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Pinning Techniques

  • Ikkyo - the most basic of all aikido techniques, arm over head while holding wrist and elbow

  • Nikyo - the second most basic pinning technique, a wrist throw

  • Sankyo - a wrist lock with elbow in the air

  • Yonkyo - knuckle to spot on wrist (that secrete spot only your partner knows)

  • Gokyo - like ikkyo but for knife: thumb down


Throwing Techniques

  • Aikitosh - when you take uke’s legs off the ground for them (they didn't need them)

  • Hijikame - an elbow lock (lock not break.  Be nice)

  • Iriminage - an entering throw that revolves around you and control uke’s head

  • Jujinage - a throw when you cross the arms into a big roll or fall

  • Kaitennage - a wheel throw, it means circular

  • Kokyuho - breathing technique (never hold your breath)

  • Koshinage - a hip throw (the one you  use on  demonstrations)

  • Kotegaeshi - a wrist lock with the arm extending (really good for pictures)

  • Shihonage - four corner throw when ukes hand is behind their head

  • Tenchinage - heaven and earth, one side goes up, the other down


Weapon Techniques

  • Bokuto waza - Techniques performed with bokken (wooden sword)

  • Football waza  - Doesn't exist.  I made this up

  • Jo Tori - Disarm attacker of jo (staff) (not the former manager of the Yankees)

  • Jo Waza - Techniques performed with jo

  • Tachi Tori - Disarm attacker of bokken

  • Tanto Tori - Disarm attacker of tanto (wooden knife)




  • Atemi – a strike

  • Katatori - One hand grab to shoulder

  • Shomenuchi – strike to top of head

  • Tsuki – punch to stomach

  • Yokomenuchi – strike to neck



  • Katatetori - One hand grab – same side

  • Katatori - Shoulder grab

  • Katatorimenuchi – grab gi and hit top of head

  • Moroteatori – two hands grab to one wrist

  • Ryokatatori – two hand on gi at each shoulder

  • Ryotetori – one hand per wrist


Ushiro (behind)

  • Ushiro Kubishime - Choke from behind with wrist grab

  • Ushiro Ryokatatori - Both shoulders held from behind

  • Ushiro Ryokatatori – grab gi from behind

  • Ushiro Ryotetori (or Ushiro Tekubitori )– grab each wrist from behind



Extra Stuff

Miscellaneous Terms

  • Aikido – The way to harmonizing with Ki (This is why you are on this website)

  • Ai Hanmi - Both Uke and Nage have same foot forward

  • Gyaku Hanmi- Uke and Nage stand in a mirror image (left foot to right foot)

  • Hakama - Wide, pleated pants (usually black or dark blue) (Difficult to fold)

  • Hanmi - basic stance with  back foot at 90° and front foot pointing forward

  • Hanmi Handachi - Nage in sitting position and uke standing (talk about a disadvantage)

  • Jiyu waza - Interval attacks with one attacks and nage varying techniques

  • Kamiza - Seat of honor. If dojo, directly in front where you face to start class

  • Ki - The universal energy of life

  • Kōhai - Training junior (someone who started his or her training after you did yours)

  • Nage – Person who throws

  • O-Sensei - Great Teacher." An honorific title reserved for Ueshiba Morihei, the founder of aikido

  • Randori - Freestyle–rapid all-out attacks with multiply ukes. (When the fun starts)

  • Seiza - Sitting, meditative posture (for people with good knees)

  • Sempai - Training senior (someone who started his or her training before you did yours)

  • Suwariwaza - Nage and uke perform techniques on knees

  • Tai No Henko (or Hanka Waza) - Reverse a technique (Who's the uke now)

  • Tai Sabaki - Body movement (when you want to sound smart saying basics)

  • Tencon - Pivoting on the front foot while  advancing  forward

  • Uke - Person being thrown

  • Undo - Exercise (not a command on your computer)

  • Waza - Technique

  • Yūdansha - Practitioner possessing rank of black belt



  • Irimi - To Enter

  • Omote - Front or a technique done going forward

  • Soto - Outside

  • Uchi – Inside

  • Ura – Behind or a technique done while doing a Tencon

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