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Tai Chi Chuan Program

Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) is an internal style of kung fu.  Tai Chi is the name of what we more commonly refer to as the Yin Yang symbol. Chuan means fighting system. It is a practice that harmonizes the constant balance of opposites. TCC's slow movements are practiced to allow the student to focus on the many parts of their body and how they constantly change.  This allows the practitioner to become aware of their root, center, balance and chi - energy.  This holistic approach, along with TCC's incredible martial applications, provide a physical workout with a strong meditative component that allows students to improve their health and well being.

ASNJ's TCC classes teach Tai Chi in a step–by–step method. We incorporate all the cross concepts between TCC and Aikido. The slow movements of Tai Chi allow students to hear and feel their own body in motion. As legs strengthen and upper body relaxes, your awareness of alignment increases and posture improves. So the more rapid movements of Aikido seem easier and more fluid.

The classes are based on Chen Man Ching's 37 posture form. Each class consists of learning the Form, Form Correction, the philosophy of Taoism and Wu Wei Wu - nothing doing nothing, Tai Chi Chuan applications, and Push Hands. We study and practice the actual fighting applications of TCC from each of the movements.  This allows students to fully understand the concepts of the postures and why they exist.

This is taught by Sensei Jay Tall, Chief instructor of ASNJ, with over 40 years of practice and teaching. Jay is a direct student of Eric Schneider in the lineage of Lou Kleinsmith, one of the first students of the New York Aikikai.  Lou was famous for his Friday lunch class, which was "inherited" by our own Lehrman Shihan after Kleinsmith Sensei's passing.

This class is included for members but can be taken by non-members for a $40 per month.

This version has the audio descriptions of the first third
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