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Junior Deshi Program

To recognize and reward ASNJ students, ages 10-17, who make Aikido a focus of their lives, we have created the Junior Deshi Program.  “Deshi” is Japanese for disciple. This program is open to all junior students at ASNJ. Students must be invited by the Director of the Children’s Program as well as recommended by the student’s instructors.  This program is by invitation only and students must keep up with the requirements to stay in the program.  A candidate will need to perform a 6-month trial period prior to being fully accepted into the program.



  • 10 years of age or older

  • Regular attendance with, generally, no more than one absence a month

  • Is a Role model when in and out of the dojo

  • Knowledge of Aikido attacks and techniques

  • Mastery of Aikido basics

  • Works hard in all classes and sets an example of what being an Aikido student entails

  • Keeps a minimum of a B average in school


Students that are accepted into the Junior Deshi program will get the following:

  • An induction ceremony lead by Sensei during a dojo event after the trial period

  • Junior Deshi ‘Harmony’ patch to be worn on their gi

  • A certificate to memorialize all their hard work and membership

  • Junior Deshi only Monthly classes

  • Junior Deshi only Iaido classes

  • Upon completion of the program, a college recommendation letter outlining their accomplishments


Roles and Expectations

  • Take ukemi for the instructor during Children’s classes

  • Will be asked to lead class warm-ups

  • At the discretion of the instructor, Junior Deshi will be asked to teach Children’s classes with a mentor monitoring

  • Help other students in class

  • Work as partner/uke with all new students

  • Set an example in class in both attitude and dedication


Our Junior Deshi's


Jeremy Burt

Junior Deshi

1st Kyu

Jeremy started taking Aikido in September of 2013 at the age of 7. He initially enrolled in Aikido classes because he was being bullied at school. Since then, he has gained the confidence andvability to defend himself so those bullies don’t matter anymore. As one of the original Jr. Deshi’s he is very eager to continue his Aikido training.


Jeremy loves WWE, video games, and playing the piano. He will graduate from high school as part of the class of 2024. He is currently undecided about his career path.


Eva Morrow

Junior Deshi

2nd Kyu

Eva began training in Aikido in 2019, when she was in the 5th grade. Just over a year after having participated actively in the Children’s program she earned the rank of 5th kyu and was shortly thereafter invited to join the Junior Deshi program.


She really loves Aikido practice and has enjoys assisting the Children’s classes where three of her six siblings also practice Aikido. She now enjoys the Adult classes which she takes with her father, also a student at ASNJ, They enjoy practicing Aikido at home. When she is not at the dojo, Eva enjoys baking and basketball.



Derrell Thomas Jr. (DJ)

Junior Deshi

3rd Kyu

DJ started training in 2015, at the age of 6. He went through the children's ranks up to blue / purple belt before taking 5th Kyu in 2020. He is very excited about the opportunity of becoming a Junior Deshi. Both of his parents train and are long time members. They are proud and supportive of his efforts. 

He enjoys art and video games in his spare time. 

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