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A Brave New World

July 12, 2020

It is tough to imagine it has been a month (give or take a day or two) since we reopened with our new Covid protocols. A month since I re-opened my construction company, Sensei Lehrman and I just re-opened our Real Estate company’s offices – Brooklyn Properties, indoor malls can open, NJ Transit is returning to normal schedule and most importantly, Far Side has released the first new cartoon in 25 years.

Life is slowly returning to normal, well a new normal at least. We will continue all our protocols. Thank God, no one has had any signs of illness and all temperature readings are normal. I notice some are getting a little relaxed on wearing masks and I am reminding everyone to please keep diligent, especially when inside the dojo. The mat is boxed off with plenty of distance when we practice inside (The weather has not always been cooperating). We have plenty of hand sanitizer, please use it upon entering and leaving and we have gallons of disinfectant and are using it constantly and will continue to do so.

Please, please, please help out the dojo and wear you masks.

Some of you are taking advantage of our free Iaido classes for members. As a few are you are doing it, I am extending that for 2 months – no charge for members. If you want me to extend it longer, more of you need to show up. So if you are one of the people coming and you want to keep it free longer, bring more members with you to Iaido. If you always wanted to try it out, remember, you can watch the next episode of the Tiger King anytime, it is streaming. Try an Iaido class on Fridays or Sundays.

We had our first Tai Chi Chuan class this Thursday. I heard good things about Sifu Tall. Some said he talked a little much but was a good thing as they didn’t realize how much leg strength was required. Let’s see what happens this week. Just a reminder, this class is open to all members and their families. You will be learning one move from the TCC form each week, it is important to come regularly. But if you miss a class, Sifu Tall has designed the classes to catch you up. I mean he has been doing this for 40 years and we are lucky to have him do this class. (I love writing in 3rd person, it makes me feel like a book character).

So life goes on and our world changes, but it is good to know we are doing that together once again. I look forward to seeing all of you as the days and weeks go by. If anyone is having any Covid related financial issues, please talk to me about a partial scholarship. We are still a community and a family. Stay healthy

Sensei Jay

Ps – Paul got a smoker for father’s day and some was nice enough to give him a bunch a Maple logs. We all are looking forward to when we have a dojo party again, I expect a lot of good smoked meats from him.

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